OdiNet Moscow, Moscow suburbs offers repair of computers and the computer help in Odintsovo.

In the activity we first of all are guided by your needs and consequently with confidence we can tell, that having addressed in our Service Service, you can always count on the professional computer help, qualitative and operative service, repair of computers of any complexity!

          Our services:

          - Sale of computers in Odintsovo
          - User's service of computers in Odintsovo
          - Repair of computers in Odintsovo
          - Installation, adjustment and support of the software
          - Anti-virus preventive maintenance of a computer, updating of anti-virus bases

     Our experts will make repair of a computer, adjustment of the software (including 1) is direct at you in-home or at office. In case of need your computer it will be free-of-chargeof Odintsovo is delivered in the service center of company OdiNet

To receive more detailed information, consult and cause the expert you can by phone:

to order a site

(495) 504 - 57 - 66

591 - 40 - 83 (call 213)
591 - 65 - 80 (call 213)

Free-of-charge departure of the expert of Odintsovo.

Repair of computers in Odintsovo

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