Hosting (English hosting) — service on granting disk space for physical accommodation of files of a site on a server, constantly being a network (usually Internet).

Service also can include granting of a place for the post correspondence, databases, file storehouse... Item, and also support of functioning of corresponding(meeting) services.

It is usually given hosting by the companies. Granting of a hosting is accompanied, as a rule, with service on registration of the domain.

The hosting is often divided(shared) on paid and free-of-charge. Usually company giving a free-of-charge hosting, earns by display of advertising on the pages placed on it(him). Private persons for the homepages usually use a free-of-charge hosting, and the commercial organizations — almost always a paid hosting. Public organizations can use both paid, and a free-of-charge hosting. The free-of-charge hosting, as a rule, more slowly paid, renders only base services and is sometimes unreliable (that is can be closed).

Also it is possible to divide(undresse) services of a hosting as a given resource:

The virtual hosting — is given a place on a disk and-or the external traffic, the environment of execution(performance) a web-services uniform for many users.

The virtual allocated server (VPS or VDS) — is given a place on a disk, the external traffic, a part of the general(common) memory, processor time of a server. Looks(appears) for the user the same as and as the allocated server, but physically on one real server settles down some virtual servers. Service is intended for projects of average weight (demanding thin adjustment(option) of environment(Wednesday)) and beginning(starting) resellers.

The allocated server — is given the whole server with the certain disk space, memory, processors and the external traffic. The web-projects which cannot coexist on one server with other projects is used for "heavy" and resources of a server demand under themselves all.

From the legal point of view, service of a hosting concerns to telematicheskim to services of communication(connection) or, in case of when hosting company places with itself the equipment of the user and provides its(his) connection to the Internet (co-location)— to services of data transmission. These kinds of activity are a subject to licensing. In Russia licenses stand out Federal service on supervision in sphere of communication(connection).

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